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General Questions

Site Type and Short Description Table

4. Would you prefer to control the guest’s site selection or give the guest control over their site selection?
5. Would you like to charge a lock fee?
8. Do you have extra vehicle charges?
9. Do you have any pet charges?
12. Are there any additional security deposits.
13. Do you charge for electricity?

Additional Questions

1. Do you have any days that you wish to prevent online bookings?
2. Do you allow bookings with same day arrivals?
4. Do you need to know the number of slides?
6. Do you have any additional cleaning fees?
3. Do you allow multi-site bookings?
5. Would you like to activate contact less check-in?
7. Do you have any bill-add ons?
9. Do you have a profile
11. Are you currently happy with your campground’s website?
10. Would you like your campground listed on Spot2Nite?
12. Will you be importing any current reservations or customer information?
14. Would you like us to have Clover Call You to set up your payment gateway


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