MYSites Reservations System, a division of SEPI Marketing has officially copy written their source code. This gives MYSites three exclusive rights under the Copyright Act. They have the rights to reproduce, prepare derivative works and full code distribution rights.

Having fully authored the code base, SEPI marketing can ensure that the way the code is expressed cannot be duplicated or recreated. Business Development Director Brian McGuinn states that it was an important first step because the nature of the program is easy to learn yet extremely comprehensive.

“We have grown leaps and bounds because we offer a system that is very powerful and offers unlimited variations which enable it to better fit within unique business processes that are ubiquitous in the campground industry.”

MYSites Reservations System often promotes the ease with which users can adjust reservations, create, and separate group reservations, ease of access to the system in general and reporting that can easily balance the books. The system provides free custom-made interactive maps designed by Southeast Publications, another SEPI Marketing company, at no cost to their partnering campgrounds and RV Resorts.

According to Brian McGuinn, MYSites does not charge any set up fees, per site fees, usage fees, invoice fees, monthly fees or even marketing/referral fees. SEPI Marketing companies also include the RV Bunch, a closed Facebook group which has a membership of over 94,000 members, and, an RV travel search engine. These platforms refer business to their partnering parks and are responsible for increasing partnering properties’ online presence and overall awareness to the camping community at no cost to their MYSites users.

“We have something special here, and we are all very proud of it. The system represents a collection of campground owner input and guidance that has culminated into a fine program.” -Brian McGuinn

MYSites Reservations System currently has hundreds of partnering campgrounds both privately held and publicly held properties across North America. They are an agnostic system which means that they do not mandate a specific payment gateway for the system, according to Brian. “We want our partners to get the best deal they can which is why we connect to 14 different payment gateways.”

When asked about the ability to customize the system, Brian indicates that customization can derive one of two ways. First, there could be an entirely new feature that is required or new desired layout of the system itself. When this occurs, lead time for development, testing and deployment can be between two to three weeks. However, the second method would be to pull from a setting that was created when the function was asked for by another partnering campground.

“We have a repository of functions that can be activated at will. We created the system this way because not everyone needs everything and some of our guests need nothing more than how the system operates in its standard form.” – Brian McGuinn.

According to Brian, the ability to customize was one of the biggest reasons to copyright the software source code. Brian also states that as the system adds more features and functions, it will continue to apply for those changes to be copy written as well.

Is your current system’s code copy written? Check here: Search USA Copyright Database

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