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Frequently asked questions

01 FAQ Can I access MySites outside of work?

Yes! This is a cloud-based program and will work anywhere you have a land line internet connect, mobile network or WiFi. 

02 FAQ What is the Processing Fee?

The processing fee is our charge to the guest. 

03 FAQ How is the Processing Fee Collected?

You receive the entire reservation total. We take our $3.00 fee after the reservation is completed. 

04 FAQ Is that Fee on online bookings or all bookings?

The fee is added to each reservation regardless of how it is booked.  

05 FAQ If I bill my customers monthly, does that fee show on each month?

No. Mysites only charges on the initial reservation. 

06 FAQ Does MySites charge a processing fee on POS transactions?

No. Only on reservations. 

07 FAQ If I move my current reservations into MySites, are my customers charged the processing fee?

No. We install the fee after all current reservations have been accounted for.  

08 FAQ Can I absorb the processing fee?


09 FAQ Can I add to the processing fee for my booking expenses?


10 FAQ If I need certain functions added to my system, how much will it cost?

We do not charge for added functions. We want our system to work for you! 

11 FAQ Do I need to have a certain amount of bookings per month to join MySites?

No. We work with any size park. Regardless of Booking Volume. 

12 FAQ Does MySites work with Marinas?

Yes, we do! 

13 FAQ Does MySites Work with Public properties?

Yes, we currently work with city parks, regional parks, and county park systems. 

14 FAQ What does the $75.00 pay for in the Trifecta package.

It pays for the website design, development, hosting, encryption, search engine optimization and regular updates. 

15 FAQ Are credit card processing fees part of the MySites Processing fee?

No, the payment processor will have their own fees 

16 FAQ Can I add pre-order items on the guest form during check out?

Yes! You can also add images of the items which will appear in a marquee towards the payment section of the form. 

17 FAQ Is Mysites Mobile Friendly?

Yes! Mysites will conform to any sized device you are using. 

18 FAQ Do I have to take online reservations?

No! This is purely optional. 

19 FAQ Do You have long term agreements?

Nope. It is you can cancel anytime with 30 days’ notice. 

20 FAQ How many items can be put into your POS?

As many as you want! There is no limit. 

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