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Around The Clock Bookings

Created by outdoor industry experts, MySites is a smart, user-friendly, innovative booking system. Your guests will access a system with a simplified booking process that will better ensure website visits convert to bookings.

Give your customers the security, confidence and the flexible payment options they deserve when paying for your services online. Integrate your favorite payment gateway or/and offer additional methods of payments, such as pay on arrival, by invoice, by PayPal and more.

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Access Your System Anywhere at Anytime

Housed on the powerful Amazon S3, MySites will allow you to access the system wherever you are connected to the internet. We guarantee 99.9% up time and a smooth online experience for team members and guests.


Simple and stress-free bookings

Your customers can book your services via our mobile responsive booking system on any device, making booking simple and frustration free.


High Performance Customization

Our in-house programming team can add customization to your MySites portal that will ensure optimal performance for your business model.

Powerful Marketing Tools

Customized Email Templates

Customize your marketing message through your email marketing manager. From reservation confirmations to custom email campaigns, MySites has everything you need to stay in front of your loyal customers.

Discover Our System Features With A Free Demo

Below are some of the functions we will review with you on our call. Our system is designed with the user in mind and some of the following elements came from RV Resort owners like you!

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[iconbox2 type=”hex” animation=”rda_fadeInLeft” icon=”bk-cloudy-2″ i_color=”#1faec4″ i_alt_color=”#83c6ba” title=”Robust Cloud Computing”][/iconbox2]
[iconbox2 type=”hex” animation=”rda_fadeInLeft” icon=”ba-grid” i_color=”#81d742″ i_alt_color=”#eeee22″ title=”Reservation Grid View”][/iconbox2]
[iconbox2 type=”hex” animation=”rda_fadeInLeft” icon=”bc-mobile” i_color=”#af1a1a” i_alt_color=”#ad7272″ title=”Click To Dial Guests”][/iconbox2]
[iconbox2 type=”hex” animation=”rda_fadeInRight” icon=”cl-download” i_color=”#1e73be” i_alt_color=”#7e9ebf” title=”Easy Data Downloading”][/iconbox2]
[iconbox2 type=”hex” animation=”rda_fadeInRight” icon=”oi-jory-raphael-cart” i_color=”#1faec4″ i_alt_color=”#83c6ba” title=”POS Integrated”][/iconbox2]
[iconbox2 type=”hex” animation=”rda_fadeInRight” icon=”ba-user7″ i_color=”#81d742″ i_alt_color=”#eeee22″ title=”Create Your Own User Roles”][/iconbox2]
[iconbox2 type=”hex” animation=”rda_fadeInRight” icon=”ba-user8″ i_color=”#af1a1a” i_alt_color=”#ad7272″ title=”Flag Potentially Troublesome Guests”][/iconbox2]
[iconbox2 type=”hex” animation=”rda_fadeInLeft” icon=”bc-cog” i_color=”#1e73be” i_alt_color=”#7e9ebf” title=”Customize Your Website Booking Widget”][/iconbox2]
[iconbox2 type=”hex” animation=”rda_fadeInLeft” icon=”bk-coins” i_color=”#1faec4″ i_alt_color=”#83c6ba” title=”Track All Your Transactions”][/iconbox2]
[iconbox2 type=”hex” animation=”rda_fadeInLeft” icon=”bk-site-map-2″ i_color=”#81d742″ i_alt_color=”#eeee22″ title=”Choose Type or Site Specific Booking”][/iconbox2]
[iconbox2 type=”hex” animation=”rda_fadeInLeft” icon=”ec-users” i_color=”#af1a1a” i_alt_color=”#ad7272″ title=”Manage Group Reservations”][/iconbox2]