Most frequent questions and answers about our reservations system

Yes! Our reservations system is a cloud-based program, and will work anywhere you have a mobile network, WIFI or landline connection. 

Spot2Nite is a commission-free online reservation partner that directly
connects with MYSites. Combining your real-time RV site inventory from MYSites
along with specific details and photos of your park, Spot2Nite builds and adds your
custom profile page to their website and mobile app. The Spot2Nite team
implements targeted marketing strategies backed by paid spends across Search,
Social Media, Blog, Email, SMS, and Push Notification channels to advertise
Spot2Nite, giving your property exposure to over 20 million campers. Spot2Nite
does not charge park operators any commission or reservation fees. Instead, they
charge the traveler a modest convenience fee upon check-out. Learn more at

The processing fee is the charge that is added to the MYSites reservations system bill that the guest pays. This fee is not applied to cancellations or recurrences for those long term guests that need to be billed out regularly.

You receive the entire reservation total including our $3.00 fee and after the reservation is completed we will automatically batch that out on a regular basis and provide real time reporting on all charges. 

The fee is added to each reservation regardless of how it is booked. Please keep in mind that their are no additional fees for you or the guest from MYSites after that. No invoice fees or referral fees. (Some  can charge up to 10%  of the reservation value OUCH!)

No. Mysites only charges on the initial reservation. We do not charge invoice fees. Your guest could be staying with you for 10 years and would only have our $3.00 fee one time!

No. Only on reservations. To make it even better our program customizations for your portal is also FREE.

No. We install the fee after all imported reservations have been accounted for.  In addition there are no set up costs which makes changing to MYSites even easier.

We do not charge for added functions. We want our system to work for you! 

No. We work with any size RV park, regardless of Booking Volume. 

Yes, we currently work with city, regional, and county park systems. 

It pays for the website design, development, hosting, encryption, search engine optimization and regular updates. 

No, the payment processor will have their own fees

Yes! You can also add images of the items which will appear in a marquee towards the payment section of the form. 

Yes! MYSites will conform to any sized device you or your customers are using. 

No! This is purely optional. 

No. You may cancel anytime with 30 days’ notice. 

As many as you want! There is no limit. 


Our free demonstration is available Monday through Friday from 9:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m

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