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A campground reservation system is only as good as the team behind it. It needs a team that understands the day to day challenges of campground owners. The outdoor recreation industry is so specialized and specific in what it needs there isn’t a one solution “software in box” that works for all campgrounds. The campground reservation system needs to conform to the campground and not the campground to it.

MySites is a leader in the outdoor recreation industry. Our system is designed by outdoor enthusiasts for outdoor enthusiasts and we’ve been helping our partner grow their business since 1986. MYSites reservation system is specifically tailored for RV Parks, Resorts and campgrounds. We make it a point to learn as much about your business as we can and we only include settings that you need for your unique business to operate seamlessly. 

Simplicity is key to having a smooth and fluid system and sometimes that may mean we have to implement software customizations. We are not afraid to do customized programming for your businesses needs.  In any state,  our reservations system is easy to learn, and easy to use for both your guests and your staff.  We even offer seasonal training when needed for new members of your team so you can focus on having a great season.

Our proprietary software code has been copywritten because there is no system that is more intuitive and easy to use. View copyright here.  In addition, the mobile friendly version of our reservations system allows you to run your business seamlessly while you’re out and about or away from your business.  You can even manage multiple properties! We believe that information is power which is why we created MYSites in a way where you can view every page of our system on your mobile device. 

WE ARE NOT in the “running a campground” business. SEPI Marketing, the parent company of Mysites, is a marketing firm that specializes in the camping business. When you choose View copyright here.  As your reservation system, your campground will be marketed by us nationally for new business!. Our company is not in business of using our media platforms to further squeeze our partners for referral fees. Some are charging up to 10% of the total booking. WOW. Referrals from us are always free, and we will make it our personal goal to fill all of your available spots! Our main objective is to offer you a user-friendly solution while sending new guests your way. Guests also receive helpful camping information through our private social media groups, RV Travel Search Engine, and our highly rated mobile application that is free on both Google Play and iTunes.  

Guess what we are in the hospitality business too! Our support services  are available 24-7 so you can be sure to receive the help you need when you need it. Our customer service is second to none because we are building relationships and you are NOT a number whether you have 8 sites or 800 sites, your business matters to us. This is why we believe that we need to continually  improve our services and our software to meet the challenges of the day for our customers’ benefit. 

We have a vested interest in your success and remember, none of our businesses include ownership of any RV Resorts or Campgrounds, so we’re never a competitive threat to your reservations and bookings. We also WILL NOT force our customers into a payment gateway that only benefits our organization which is why we are connected to over 14 different payment gateways. We want them to give you the best prices.

Prosperity for your business is our business which is why our product is free. We do not believe in charging you set up costs, per site or per invoice fees. We also refuse to charge marketing fees for referring you business. Call us today at 800-832-3292 and make the changeover to MYSites reservations system. Where every customer is treated like family.


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